When I visit your classroom or school, I usually bring a lot of things with me—giant sticky notes, markers of various colors and sizes, visual aids, old manuscripts, a book or two, and rocks (yes, sometimes I actually do bring rocks, which makes for a very heavy bag).

I also bring years of experience, both as a professional writer and teacher. (If you didn’t already know), I’m the author of the middle grade novel Superstar (HarperCollins, 2017), which has been included on multiple best book lists. I also have an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, a BA in Education, and I spent six years as a classroom teacher.

But even more important than any qualification, I bring with me the heartfelt intent to open kids’ minds, to inspire them to see the world in new and different ways, and to help them connect more deeply with those around them. I have witnessed the power of words as force of good in my own life and cannot wait to share this power with the kids at your school!


I offer presentations for third through sixth graders in either a small group (up to 60 kids) or large group (up to 150 kids) setting. I do not do whole school presentations at this time. Below are the three presentations I currently offer. They each last about an hour.

From Idea to Book: A Behind-the-Scenes Peak into the Publishing Process (grades 3-6) – In this presentation, I’ll tell the story of how Superstar became a book, from beginning sentences to publication and beyond. We’ll not only explore the writing process, but I’ll also tell stories from my own life that influenced different parts of the book.

Turning Good into Better: An Adventure in Revision (grades 3-6, small group only) – Everywhere I go, teachers tell me their students hate revision. I’m on a mission to change that! To me, revision is the most exciting part of the writing process. In this workshop, we’ll explore what revision really is and learn various revision techniques as we work together to revise a piece I wrote when I was a kid.

The Character Jar: The Secret to Creating Great Characters (grades 4-6) – Creating believable characters is one of the most important (and hardest) parts of writing fiction. In this presentation, we’ll use a jar as a metaphor for character to help students visualize and explore the character creation process. I’ll also share my own secret method for making my characters feel like real people.

Author Chats (grades 3-6) – In addition to the above hour-long presentations, I also offer half hour Author Chats where I will read from my book and answer any questions the students may have about me, the writing process, or anything else they want to know. These Author Chats are also available as Video (Skype) Visits!

I believe that books have the power to shape a young person’s view of the world, to affect them in deep and immeasurable ways. I hope, in some small way, that my author visits will do the same.

-Mandy Davis


I charge by the presentation, rather than by the day. That way, schools pay for only the presentations they want. I’m available to speak to just one class or to stay for the entire day (up to four hour-long presentations plus half-hour Author Chats). I’m also available for multiple-day visits.

The cost for an hour long small group presentation (up to two classes/about 60 kids) starts at $125. For a large group (a whole grade level/up to 150 kids), the price starts at $250 per presentation. My half-hour Author Chats start at $75. Your fee may be higher based on your school’s distance from my home in central Indiana and may include additional travel and lodging costs, if necessary. However, if you book multiple presentations in the same day or even in the same school year, you will receive a significant discount on the speaking fee.

The fee for a 30 minute Video Visit is a $50. (Discounts are not available for video visits.)

(These fees are current for the 2018-2019 school year. Fees for the 2019-2020 school year will be updated in July 2019.)

BOOK AN AUTHOR VISIT (in 5 easy steps)

  1. Complete the form below. That way, I’ll have a basic idea of what you’re looking for in an author visit.
  2. I’ll email you, and we’ll chat a bit. At this point, I’ll answer any initial questions you may have, and I’ll ask for your mailing address.
  3. You’ll receive a hard copy of my Author Visit Packet in the mail. Inside this packet is everything you ever wanted to know about a Mandy Davis Author Visit including policies, payment info, book signing info, detailed presentation descriptions, a booking form, etc.
  4. Complete the booking form. Once I receive it, I’ll draw up a contract so we can make the visit official.
  5. Sign the contract and return it to me. I’ll be seeing you soon!


In addition to school visits, I am also available to speak at reading/writing/literacy nights, libraries, conferences, and other group meetings. If you are interested, please use the form below to contact me, and I will email you to discuss specifics. Under “Grade Level” please describe the approximate size and composition of your group. (Ex: 50 teachers, 75 librarians, a mixed group of 100 parents and fourth graders, etc.)

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