Dear Teachers, Parents, Librarians, Media Specialists, School Staff, PTO Members, and anyone else who identifies as more of a grown-up than a kid,

Mandy has created this collection of information, resources, and content just for you. Please click any of the headings below to visit each page. You can also access these pages directly using the FOR GROWN-UPS dropdown menu above. (And don’t worry! Even though you’re a grown-up, you can access the FOR KIDS pages, too!)

Author Visits

Did you know that Mandy does author visits? Find out more on her official Author Visits page. And yes, she does Video (Skype) Visits as well!


Right now, you’ll just find information about Superstar here. But Mandy is hard at work on her second novel (also with HarperCollins), which is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2020. Check back soon for updates.

Praise for Superstar

Browse reviews, current best book lists, and Superstar‘s latest award nominations.

Classroom Resources

Mandy and her mom Debby Davis (a master teacher, who spent over four decades teaching books just like Superstar to her third and fourth graders) have come together to create a collection of discussion questions for Superstar. These questions are perfect to use in literature circles, as a whole-class book study, along with a read aloud, or even one-on-one with a single child. Superstar is a book that begs to be shared and discussed. Let these questions be your guide!


Mandy loves the writing she does for kids. But did you know she also writes for adults? Since 2014, Mandy has been writing personal essays which she posts periodically (along with her photography) on her blog On Being a Writer and a Human. In these deeply affecting, yet conversational essays, she moves from the personal to the universal and back to the personal again, using words as her vehicle to explore the meaning of it all. You might laugh. You might cry. You might just walk away enlarged by what you find here. (To find out what exactly she means by enlarged, read her post “Why I Write.”)

You can find all her posts here. The latest posts can also be found at the bottom of her homepage.