a novel for kids ages 8-12 (and the adults who love them)
HarperCollins, June 2017

Ten-year-old Lester Musselbaum loves science and space and Superman. He loves that his mom is his teacher, and he loves that they live together, just the two of them, in a little house out in the country. (It’s the perfect place for watching meteor showers!) But soon, everything starts changing. Lester’s mom gets a job and Lester has to go to school with other kids for the first time in his whole life. With the Superman action figure in his pocket as his only protection, he steps into the confusing world of fifth grade and begins a journey that will change his life forever.

Superstar is available now at bookstores, libraries, and in book bins near you!

Don’t you just love the cover of Superstar? We have the talented Mike Lowery to thank for those awesome illustrations. Read more about the Superstar’s cover here.