Dear Awesome Person,

Welcome! I created all this just for you, and I’m super excited you’re here! Below you will find links to all sorts of questions kids ask me (and some questions that no one asks). So, whether you just read Superstar and want to know more about the person who wrote it OR you’re doing a school report on a “famous” author (by the way, I’m not really famous, but I’d still love for you to write a report about me) OR you just found your way here by accident, there’s something here for you! In addition to answering all your questions, I’ll also be posting a few of my earliest stories and other content that strikes my fancy. So, stay tuned! More cool stuff is on the way.

If you’re wondering about this picture up above, that’s me on a curly slide. While I do love curly slides so much that one even showed up in Superstar, I wasn’t having the most fun on this particular day. The sun was definitely shining and my face was definitely smiling, but I was freezing and my mind was screaming, Hurry up and take the stinkin’ picture, Mom! I’m slipping down the slide!!

I hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to be a writer now AND what it was like for me when I was your age.

Have fun exploring!